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  • Ease dental anxiety and/or phobia
  • Get the care you need
  • Have multiple services performed in one appointment
  • Reduce your ability to remember your visit once it’s complete
  • Experience calming effects right away!
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Dental Sedation In East Lansing, Michigan

At East Lansing Modern Dental, we understand that dental visits can bring on debilitating anxiety and fear in many patients. Unfortunately, putting off regular preventive care as well as necessary restorative treatments can cause significant oral and overall health issues. That’s why we’re happy to offer patients with dental fear and/or anxiety a sedation option that will help them get the care they need while ensuring that they’re comfortable in the process.

What is IV sedation?

A medical sedative that’s administered intravenously through a vein, this form of sedation works quickly and can be adjusted based on the needs of the patient and the procedure being performed.