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At East Lansing Modern Dental, your dentist in East Lansing, when we find dental technology that’s backed with solid science and helps to give you a more comfortable and predictable dental experience, we’re all for it. After all – our goal is the same as yours – to give you the beautiful, healthy, intact, and functional smile you want, need, and deserve! There are so many different and amazing dental technologies on the market, so when we decide to invest in one, it is an investment in your lifelong dental and overall health, and we choose it because we know it will give us the most accurate and most-beneficial information possible to guide your personalized treatment plan. Cone beam x-rays is technology of which we’re especially proud. Here’s a bit of information about it and what it can do for your smile.

What Are Cone Beam Digital X-Rays?

Cone beam x-rays produce a highly detailed digital picture of your anatomy when a regular digital x-ray doesn’t quite give us all the information we need. By scanning your head, mouth, and throat with a cone beam x-ray machine, we receive highly detailed digital images of your teeth, soft tissue (including your gums and ligaments), sinuses, nerve pathways, and bone. It can even help us see if your jaw joint is functioning as it should. And because the imaging is done digitally, from outside your mouth, you won’t need to bite on x-ray plates that some people find uncomfortable.

How Do I Prepare For A Cone Beam Scan?

There is no preparation for a cone beam scan, except we do ask that you remove all things with metal that you wear above your shoulders, for example, earrings and piercings, hair accessories, eye classes, necklaces, and hearing aids. For women, if there is a possibility that you are pregnant, it’s important that you let us know before your scan.

Lower Exposure To Radiation

All digital x-rays are just as accurate as film x-rays, plus they’re more comfortable for you! We can even look at them on a chairside monitor together when planning your treatment. They are a great too that helps us explain to you what is happening in your mouth and why treatment is necessary. Plus, this digital technology also delivers less radiation to you and your loved ones which is particularly important to people who have undergone cancer treatment or are concerned about radiation exposure for other reasons. All of this is really important to us at East Lansing Modern Dental; to always consider your overall health, and not just your oral health.

What It Helps Us See

Because we’re a full-service practice, we need full-service x-ray technology. With selectable fields of view, we can see a variety of scans of your anatomy while you sit in comfort. Whether we’re creating a sleep apnea solution and need to see what your airway looks like, are helping you overcome jaw pain or other issues with TMJ treatment, planning your root canal therapy, or are creating precision plans for your dental implant treatment, the cone beam x-ray machine helps us create an accurate strategy that we can all count on.

And of course, all x-rays show things that are not visible in a visual examination alone, such as: the condition of fillings, crowns and bridges,  hidden tooth decay, abscesses, abnormal growths, impacted teeth, teeth that are yet to erupt, bone loss due to gum disease, and the presence of extra teeth. Cone beam x-ray technology is one of the most useful pieces of equipment we’ve invested in to continue giving you the best care available at East Lansing Modern Dental.


Our cone beam digital x-ray machine is one of the tools our patients love most when they need advanced care. It means, for example, that when you’re coming in for dental implant treatment, you can have your scan right here in our office, which means there is no traveling to an unfamiliar practice or medical facility and there’s no waiting for results. Everything is done here on the day that you are here!

The Best Part?

It does all of this while you’re sitting or standing comfortably – in less than 10 seconds! We’ll position you at the machine and the x-ray arm will move around you. Completely non-invasive and comfortable.

A clear picture makes for an ideal dental strategy and a safer, more-comfortable way to make a diagnosis, and accuracy to help us construct a treatment plan so that you can achieve a healthier mouth and body.

To learn more about this amazing technology or to book a consultation, just give us a call! We’d love to welcome you to the East Lansing Modern Dental family and show you how easy a visit to your dentist in East Lansing can be!

We welcome you to call (517) 210-0428 to speak to us now about how cone beam x-rays may help you smile more. We can’t wait to see you!

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